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Montura Dresses & Skirts - feminine fashionable outdoor clothing for women

The Italian cult brand Montura combines the fashionably feminine demands and the functionality of modern outdoor clothing in perfection. With the current collection for the sporty lady, Montura makes a statement and the skirt and dress areas are given a completely new image. Why not go on a chic mountain tour and use the advantages of outdoor clothing? Hard wearing, breathable and light, that's how the modern woman nowadays takes a hiking or mountain tour.

Active through the summer - Montura dresses & skirts

When the morning sun moves over the valleys and mountains, it is time to put on your hiking boots and make your way. The contemporary sporty active woman likes to combine a fashionable demand with the functional benefit of modern outdoor clothing.
The Italian cult brand uses the proven attributes of functional outdoor clothing in the implementation of the current women's collection and offers the wearer completely new possibilities. Light, functional clothes that reliably serve the fashion-conscious nature-loving ladies on all tours. The innovative conversions inspire the wearers.

The perfect choice of materials is essential for later use. Breathable and hard-wearing, a prerequisite for every climbing tour. The skirt or dress should be light, unnecessary ballast is not wearable. If you book a hiking or excursion tour in the mountains in spring, you should also expect colder phases. The selected fabrics have a special moisture management. Rain and cold are repelled, your own body heat is retained. And in summer the dress or skirt can be shorter, the material breathes and guarantees a pleasantly airy hiking tour.

Stylish and fashionable even outside the hiking tour

The Montura Dress & Skirt collection has another very pleasant aspect. Fashion-conscious nature lovers appreciate the stylish fashionable implementation of the Italian brand. With a pair of sneakers, for example, skirt and dress are the perfect companions on every shopping tour. Visually, the outdoor clothing is a real highlight and can be perfectly integrated into everyday clothing. Montura outdoor clothing for women is sophisticated on all levels and certainly never boring or dull.