Montura Softshell jackets

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Montura Softshell Jackets and Wind Jackets

In this category you will find robust, classic softshell jackets and super light, thin Windstopper jackets as well as the new Hi-Performance jackets, which combine the optimal characteristics of both lines. Softshell jackets are soft and comfortable to wear, yet windproof and water-repellent. They are ideal for daily outdoor use. The lightest weather protection with minimal pack size and weight is found in the Gore-Tex® Windstopper jackets. A novel combination of the best features of the different product lines are the hybrid jackets, a mixture of wind jacket with optimal protection on the front or a Pro-Meteo® weather protection outside and more breathability and soft functional material on the back or inside.

What is a softshell jacket?

Unlike hardshell jackets, softshell jackets are softer to the touch. Their main purpose is to protect you from the wind, but they are also water-repellent to a certain extent.

How can I clean my softshell jacket?

Softshell jackets should be washed regularly and preferably with a special functional detergent. Powder detergent and fabric softener should be avoided. The jackets should be washed at max. 40 degrees and only spun a little, all zips and Velcro fasteners should be closed. It is best to rinse the jacket a second time.

How often should I wash my softshell jacket?

Contrary to earlier views, regular washing of softshell jackets is important to ensure long-term functionality. Sweat and dirt in the pores of the jackets prevent breathability and the rain-beading effect is also lost.

Should I impregnate my softshell jacket?

Even the removal of dirt has a positive effect on the breathability and the beading effect. However, for permanent care of the softshell jackets, an additional impregnating agent should be used. A special wash-in impregnation, such as "Softshell-Proof" by Nikwax, is best suited. Unlike spray-on impregnation, this allows you to reach every part of the jacket.

How warm is a softshell jacket?

There are different "thicknesses" of softshell jackets. Light jackets are made of a tightly woven functional fibre that serves as a windbreak. The jackets then do not have another insulating layer. They therefore do not keep you warm and are suitable for use in summer. Softshells with a membrane (Gore Windstopper) are thicker due to the different layers and are therefore warmer. Softshells for winter have fleece on the inside of the jacket.

Is softshell waterproof?

Due to the impregnation, the jackets are water-repellent and can be used for most weather conditions. However, the waterproofness is not comparable to that of hardshell jackets, which are waterproof even in continuous rain. Nevertheless, softshell jackets can survive a longer shower. Tip: in combination with a lightweight hardshell jacket, you are equipped for all weather conditions and seasons.

How do I wear my softshell jacket?

Softshell jackets are part of the outer layer and can be worn over a T-shirt or fleece pullover. In long rainy days and low temperatures, a light hardshell jacket can be worn over it.