Underwear for Women

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Montura functional underwear for women

Montura functional underwear for women fulfils all the requirements of modern underwear and offers many other advantages in addition to the well-known wearing comfort. Underwear should be lightweight, support the wearer with useful features and have characteristics such as breathability and durability. Functional underwear from Montura was developed especially for these moments of movement.

Women's functional underwear for all weather conditions and seasons

Hiking or mountain tours in winter, long walks in high summer, sporting activities in spring or autumn. The seasons and weather call for adapted outdoor clothing - also for women. Depending on the climatic conditions, the body transports more fluid, needs cooling or warmth. The clothing must meet these demands. Montura has the right functional underwear for women in its product range for every area of use and season. Because the underwear should support the wearer and not hinder her. Nothing is worse than irritating underwear that restricts movement.

Functional underwear for women made of merino wool or functional fibres

Besides synthetically produced functional fibres, natural materials such as merino wool have also proven their worth. Montura functional underwear made from merino wool has the best properties: it is super soft, breathable, anti-bacterial and therefore odour-neutral, regulates warmth and dries quickly. The natural merino fibre does all this, insulating excellently and not scratching due to its fine wavy structure. This means that functional underwear made from merino wool can be worn all year round for all sporting activities or in everyday life.
Very functional and suitable for many outdoor activities is underwear made of Micro fresh high-tech fabric, which is equipped with an antibacterial SANITIZED treatment. Here too: super light, extremely breathable, odour-neutral, heat-regulating and quick-drying. The underwear is also elastic and adapts to the female body.