Montura Sailing clothing

Small but nice! This is the highly specialised Montura clothing collection for sailing and water sports. Technically sophisticated and only the best materials are used.

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Sailing with Montura - Water

When the next sailing adventure that will give you that incomparable feeling of space and freedom is waiting for you, you will find the ideal specialised garments in the "Sailing - Water" category. Soon you'll be able to get on your boat and conquer the oceans.

The dream of freedom, of letting go, of looking over the horizon is more tangible in few sports than sailing. Once you've been carried by the wind towards nowhere, you'll never want to miss this feeling again. The spray hitting you, the wind at your back and the sun shining down seemingly without mercy make the power of nature more tangible for a few moments.

In order to be able to defy this unbridled power when sailing, you need, above all, exceptionally good equipment. Montura products are made exclusively from the highest quality functional fabrics available on the market. Materials like our Pro-Meteo 3L Ocean membrane, our 4-way stretch nylon or the polyester ripstop fabric with DWR treatment keep you as dry and warm as you can be on the wide ocean. But most importantly, our products are equipped to withstand the corrosive effects of salt water and are therefore many times more durable than comparable products. In addition, the UV protection UPF 50+ effectively protects against dangerous sunlight even during other water sports as well as swimming and bathing.