Materials and care

Here you will find useful tips for the care of your outdoor clothing as well as a selection of the materials used by Montura.
Montura uses a variety of functional materials: technically innovative, patented, excellent as well as natural materials (for example wool), which naturally have outdoor functions as well as sustainably developed materials, which can replace chemical fibres that are harmful to the environment, animal welfare or health.
Important functions of Montura outdoor clothing are:
  • Breathability
  • Windproof
  • Water resistance
  • Thermal insulation
  • Thermal regulation
  • Antibacterial behaviour
  • Abrasion and tear resistance
  • Elasticity and last but not least
  • Lightness and wearing comfort
Some of the materials used combine several of these functions. They are used in the garments as a whole or on individual parts, sometimes in several layers, to ensure optimal performance for different outdoor activities. Others serve as membranes or fillings and are not visible.
Montura also attaches particular importance to a good fit as well as the look and feel of its outdoor and sportswear. The jersey fabrics as well as the various fabrics have a cool silky-soft or cosy feel both inside and out and a shiny, matt or textured look. Stressed areas such as knee sections or leg cuffs are in turn reinforced and extremely robust. Places that need a lot of air, such as the underarms or back, have highly breathable fabrics. High-quality zips are used especially on jackets and trousers. Collars and hoods are also functionally equipped.
A successful design rounds off the development of the garments. This includes the use of trendy colours, sometimes the more or less prominent application of the Montura lettering and always the unmistakable logo. No wonder that more and more products are perfect for the urban lifestyle and that you don't have to do without functionality here either.

Use of outdoor functional clothing according to activities

Outdoor functional clothing should meet the requirements of a wide range of activities. For hiking and trekking, the clothing should be particularly breathable, heat-regulating, windproof, water-repellent as well as light and comfortable. For mountaineering, climbing and bouldering, the requirements also increase. For this, at least certain parts such as the knees and hems of the clothing are particularly robust and abrasion-resistant. In the colder seasons and for ski touring, particular attention is paid to thermal insulation, wind and water resistance.
For strenuous, enduring and sweat-inducing sports such as running and cycling, attention should be paid to particularly high breathability, moisture and heat regulation. It goes without saying that the clothing should be lightweight, wind- and water-repellent and quick-drying. For biking, there is also special padding for particularly stressed areas.
And for leisure and urban lifestyle, outdoor clothing is above all fashionable, functional, breathable and comfortable to wear. The special feature: Outdoor clothing and functional fabrics can be combined according to the onion principle to ensure optimal use.

Overview of Montura functional materials

High-tech fabrics that give outdoor clothing their first-class properties.
The most important synthetic and natural functional materials: