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For many years Montura has been equipping mountain rescuers, emergency medics and workers with robust, highly functional clothing. From now on, we also offer the technical emergency clothing in our shop.

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For several years now, Montura has been equipping mountain guides, mountain rescuers, emergency medical technicians and workers with robust, highly functional workwear.
The employees in these work areas are exposed to special dangers from which they need to be protected. Operations on busy roads, in rough terrain, in the dark or wet place high demands on workwear - it must protect and make visible the emergency workers and be suitable for special cleaning procedures. Weather protection, robustness, flexibility are decisive parameters. Many things have to be stowed away on every mission, starting with personal protective equipment such as gloves, radio, the mobile phone and much more...
Montura stands for ergonomics, aesthetics, details and function of the highest quality. This "gear" is the ally of many emergency services - in rescue, in the mountains and mainly for outdoor operations.

Optimal equipment and constant further development are Montura's top priority, and this claim has already led Montura to the top of the equipment league.
Together with outdoor professionals and rescue specialists from various fields, the products are further developed and new materials and technologies are tested.