Montura Short Pants

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Short Montura pants find man with the trip Bermuda, the Stretch 2 & 3 Bermuda in the Geographical Trousers series. The pants are light, packable and perfect in the seat and fit into any backpack or travel bag. For summer climbing tours, Montura offers a large selection of trousers in the Outdoor Syntrei. There you will find the free Synt Rock ¾ pants, the free Synt Up ¾ Pants ideal climbing pants for not so hot days. For climbs in the summer, you'll find ultra-light, robust bermudas and shorts. I'm dying free Synt Up Bermuda & Shorts, free Synt Rock Bermuda. In the free Cotton line you will find, besides the length trousers, also short bouldering or leisure pursuits like the Fuego Bermuda and the exposure Bermuda. For runners, there is a wide range of running pants, ¾ long or short.