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Functional wash has direct skin contact. Therefore, it must be skin-friendly and breathing-active. Underwear from Montura ensures optimal moisture management, keeps warm and dry in winter and cools in summer. So that the laundry is not applied and fits perfectly with every movement, high-quality materials are processed. Underpants and pants lie close to the body without restricting. Thanks to flat seams, there are no pressure points on the skin. Select the appropriate functional wash. Each sport has individual requirements for clothing. In winter, the outdoor sportsman needs warm clothes that keep wind and moisture, while light and anti-sweat function is used in spring and summer. Montura offers a wide range of functional lingerie with UV protection for hiking and mountain biking. High quality materials make Montura underwear durable. Well-worked seams also hold on to a movement-intensive climbing tour. The fabric remains permanently elastic. Underwear from Montura consists of merino wool or synthetic fibers or a mixture of both materials. All substances used have positive properties which meet the special requirements of outdoor sports.

Functional underwear from Merinowolle

Fibers of Merinowolle contain up to 85% air. Therefore, the wool of Merinoschaf isolates in winter against cold and is nevertheless breathing-active. It absorbs moisture and rapidly transports sweat away from the body. Odors do not hold the material. Even strong welding smell disappears after a short ventilation of the functional wash. Due to these good properties, functional linen from Merinowolle is ideal for several days of hiking and mountain biking, be it spring, summer, autumn or winter. In the Montura online shop, outdoor sportsmen can find a wide range of underwear from Merinowolle. Ladies we offer, for example, the Montura Merino Light Zip T-Shirt Women. The light and very elastic bottom gives maximum freedom of movement. It has short sleeves and a half-zip closure - perfect for the transitional period. A similar model is also available for children. The Montura Merino Light Kids T-Shirt is pleasantly light, very soft and does not scratch. Long underwear from Merinowolle are ideal for activities in the snow. They protect the lower body from wind and moisture.

Elastic underwear made of synthetic fibers

Polyester, polypropylene or polyamide are the most common synthetic fibers used for the production of functional underwear. An elastane content ensures sufficient elasticity for many of Montura's garments. Women who wear the underwear next-to-skin Maglia Women with 20% ELasthan are by no means restricted in their freedom of movement. Undercooling and resulting colds are avoided by the heat regulating properties of the material. Children do not have to stay in the apartment even during rain and mud. The long-sleeved Montura Warm Skin Maglia Kids keep the little ones warm. The kids are not sweating, however, even when they are raging furiously through snow and puddles. Men also find a wide range of functional underwear in our online shop. From spring to autumn, a short-sleeved variant, such as the Montura Next To Skin T-shirt is a great choice. For cold days, we recommend the Montura Warm Zip Maglia Men with elastic waist and sleeve cuffs. The shirt is quick drying and warm and extremely hard wearing.

Functional lingerie by Montura is durable and easy to maintain

Linen made of modern synthetic fibers is easy to clean and non-iron. It is enough to wash the underwear and shirts at 40 ° in the machine without adding fabric softener. Drying in the clothes dryer should be avoided. Machine drying is unnecessary anyway, since synthetic fiber fabrics dry quickly. Merinowash must be washed only rarely. Often, it is enough to bleed underwear and pants for a few hours. Zippers must be pulled before washing, in the case of all washing parts, whether made of merino or synthetic fibers. This will prevent damage to the fabric.