Montura Eiger Band unisex
Lightweight headband made of 2-way stretch polyester fleece fabric - pleasantly warm, breathable and quick-drying.
RRP 32,95 EUR
Only 27,68 EUR
Montura Broken Light Band
Wide Montura headband with large Montura logo in polyester jersey, fast drying and high wearing comfort due to elasticity.
RRP 24,90 EUR
Only 20,92 EUR
Montura Fusion Band unisex
RRP 28,95 EUR
Only 24,32 EUR
Montura Breath T-Shirt Women
Merino wool - the all-rounder among fabrics. The wool of the original North African merino sheep is known for its very special properties. It is breathable, dries quickly and also has an antibacterial effect - an end to unpleasant sweaty smells after a long hike or a demanding climbing tour. The Montura Skyline T-shirt combines all these properties and is therefore the ideal T-shirt for all seasons.
RRP 88,95 EUR
Only 74,72 EUR
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Montura Summit Cap unisex
Very light cap made of polyester fabric, adjustable.
RRP 38,90 EUR
Only 32,68 EUR
Montura Zeta Cap
RRP 35,95 EUR
Only 30,20 EUR
Montura Alpha Band unisex
Montura headband with Polartec Alpha insulation. made of Micro-Fresh polyester jersey. Quick drying, warming and comfortable to wear.
RRP 32,90 EUR
Only 27,64 EUR
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Montura Ethnic Cap unisex
RRP 44,95 EUR
Only 37,76 EUR
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