Montura Fitness Clothing

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In this category you will find the right clothing for fitness, aerobics, yoga and Pilates - whether for outdoors or indoors - i.e. for sports where the perfect fit is important for every movement. Tops, shirts, skirts and trousers should fit snugly and be elastic at the same time, the fabric should feel soft on the skin and regulate moisture optimally. For fitness exercises and yoga outdoors, sunscreen with a high sun protection factor is an advantage.

Montura mainly uses functional synthetic materials for these fitness clothes, such as Sensitive® and Sensitive® Power (a very fine smooth nylon jersey with a soft feel) or Micro fresh with Lycra® (a soft microfibre that regulates body heat and dries quickly). If you like more natural fabrics like cotton, choose tops, shirts and jackets made of Jersey Cotton or Organic Cotton from this category.

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With Montura - Fitness and Aerobics

With Montura - fitness and aerobics Fitness and aerobics are two great ways to lighten up your daily routine and keep you and your body fit. Of course, it's hard to get started and it takes some effort. But once you get going, fitness sports from aerobics to Zumba start to be a lot of fun - provided you have the right outfit. Montura offers you a wide range of suitable clothing and accessories, made from textiles that are based on the latest findings of designers and developers as well as the most modern and sustainable production methods. We want our clothing to give you years of use, so you don't have to replace it after just a few weeks or months. That's why quality comes first at Montura.