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With Montura - Fitness and Aerobics

Fitness and aerobics are two great ways to lighten up your routine and keep you and your body fit. Of course, it's hard to get started and it takes some effort. But once you get going, both sports start to be a lot of fun.
To support you in your fitness endeavours, Montura offers you a wide range of suitable clothing. Here you will find comfortable, robust T-shirts and sleeveless shirts made from ultra-light Microfresh stretch jersey polyester fabric, which is guaranteed to make you sweat less than classic cotton items. The textiles are always based on the latest findings of the designers and developers as well as the most modern production methods.
Montura trousers, for example, are made from stretch nylon fabric with DWR treatment, an extra elastic fabric that is super suitable for fitness and aerobics. We want our clothing to provide you with years of use, so you don't have to buy a replacement after just a few weeks or months. That's why quality comes first at Montura. Whether you're looking for comfortable shoes, stretchy trousers, airy t-shirts, flexible underwear or other accessories for your fitness or aerobics studio, you're sure to find what you're looking for in our new Fitness - Aerobics category. We're sure you will!