Montura has been offering a small but high-quality collection of outdoor shoes, which should be continually expanded. You can find shoes from the areas of Mountain (Hochalpin, Expedition), Hiking (Alpin, Trekking), Approach (Hiking, Access), Geographic (Leisure, Travel).

... convincing through appearance and maximum comfort
... excellent shock absorption
... and high sensitivity

The combination of five innovative technologies, called Montura IDENTITY FIT, makes the Montura mountain boots a particularly reliable summit companion. The 16 professional athletes, who have chosen the Montura Supervertigo GTX as the "most innovative product of the market" as jury for the SKIALPER Award, have also confirmed this. Also the other shoes of the series were given with distinctions. The reasons for this are many, but usually they sound like this: The shoe fits like a puffy, cozy, comfortable and at the same time something safe and firm that it is best for the highest peaks of the earth.

IDENTITIY FIT - Five innovations for the highest mountains

1. ErgoShape Construction
The upper material of the shoe is cut in such a way that it encloses the foot neatly and at the same time supports it in necessary places.

2. Dynamic Wrapping / Independent lacing
The free-standing parts of the lacing system ensure that the shoe is secure and secure. This is a great advantage especially for mountain and hiking boots.

3. Dual zone lacing
The two-zone lacing system is not Montura's own invention. But in combination with the free-floating parts of the lacing, Montura makes it possible to adapt an industrial shoe to the mountaineer's foot as individually and situatively as possible. Better could also not be custom-made.

4. Composite Frame Technology
The sole of the Montura shoe is a science in itself. Five different layers with different characteristics form in their combination a sole that has been optimized for carrying comfort, hold and maximum grip during mountaineering.
From the carbon fiber sole to the shock-absorbing midsole, from light materials to the Vibram Mont sole, all components combine to ensure their high performance even at extremely low temperatures and at the highest mountain peaks of the earth.