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Montura Tribute Jacket Women
(Almost) no matter where you go - with the Montura Tribute Jacket you are perfectly equipped. This three-layer hardshell jacket made of GORE-TEX nylon fabric is not only extremely robust, absolutely waterproof and breathable, but also lightweight (only about 330 grams) and comfortable. Its many pockets and zips offer the wearer flexibility and adaptability to their own needs. Ideal for longer adventures.
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Montura Hardshell jackets differ according to the field of application and material. All Montura rain jackets are characterised by robust, high-quality workmanship and reliable, durable weather protection with excellent breathability. For long trekking tours with heavy luggage and extreme weather situations, technical jackets with robust 3.5 layer Gore-Tex Pro Shell membranes, such as the Montura Iron Jacket, are suitable. Jackets with the Gore-Tex membrane, such as the Core Evo Jacket, are ideal all-round jackets. The Gore-Tex Active Shell jackets and the new Gore-Tex C-Knit jackets are becoming increasingly popular. They are light, robust and especially suitable for fast, sweaty activities. Due to their small pack size they also fit into light daypacks. Examples are the Color Jacket, the Magic G Jacket and the Starlight Jacket. Feather-light jackets with a low packing volume, optimally suited for trail and ultra trails are Montura jackets with a pro-meteo coating. These are also waterproof, windproof and breathable.

The most important questions about hardshell/rain jackets

How to wash raincoat?

Rain jackets should be washed regularly and preferably with a special functional detergent. Alternatively, you can also use liquid detergent. The jackets should be washed at max. 40 degrees and only spun a little, all zippers and velcro fasteners should be closed. It is best to rinse the jacket a second time.


How often should I wash a rain jacket?

Contrary to previous opinions, regular washing of hardshell jackets is important to ensure long-term functionality. Sweat and dirt in the pores of the jackets are water-attracting, which means that the roll-off effect is lost and the jackets become soaked. This reduces the breathability and condensation forms on the inside of the jacket, giving the impression of a leaking jacket. The rain jackets should therefore be washed at least four times a year, or more often if they are very dirty.


How to impregnate rain jackets?

The impregnation is already refreshed by washing the jackets. Even removing the dirt has a positive effect on the roll-off effect. However, an additional impregnation agent should be used for the permanent care of the rain jackets. The most suitable method is a wash-in impregnation. In contrast to spray impregnation, this allows you to reach every part of the jacket.


How often should I impregnate my rain jacket?

As a rule of thumb, you can say wash four times and then impregnate once additionally. Nikwax products are the best choice.


How should a raincoat fit?

As rain jackets are usually worn both summer and winter, they should fit well with thick underwear but also with a T-shirt. Too tight a fit is not recommended as it restricts mobility but too loose is not ideal as it allows the body to cool more quickly in lower temperatures (it takes longer for the air to warm through the body). The most suitable jackets are therefore jackets with adjustment possibilities by elastic band or manually by cord.
Particularly when cycling, care should be taken to ensure that the jacket is sufficiently long even when the body is bent over, and that it should go over the buttocks.


How does a raincoat work?

The membrane or coating of the jacket consists of small pores that are large enough to allow water vapour, which is produced by sweating, to escape to the outside. However, they are too small to allow water in liquid form to penetrate. The rain therefore rolls off. Weak points of a rain jacket are always the seams, which are unavoidable. These are however taped from the inside with special tape.


Rain jacket what to consider?

There are rain jackets with a membrane and jackets with a coating. Membrane jackets (e.g. Gore-Tex) are usually more robust and functional. They are generally more suitable, especially for activities with higher and permanent stress, e.g. through backpacks. Advantages of jackets with coating are usually the weight and the pack size, which is caused by the missing layer. This makes these jackets the perfect "always with you" jackets, which offers quick protection from the weather.


What to wear under a rain jacket?

Since rain jackets form the outer layer in the onion principle, the size should be chosen so that a T-shirt fits underneath in summer and a thick fleece or even a light down jacket in winter. Classic hardshell jackets do not have an insulation layer of their own, they only serve as weather protection.


What does hardshell jacket mean?

In contrast to the softshell jacket, the hardshell jackets have a stiffer, firmer grip. Softshell jackets are softer. This is due to the field of application of these jackets. Hardshell jackets should be protected from rain.