A jacket of the brand Montura protects the upper body from wind, rain or snow depending on the weather. So that the wearer or the wearer of the outdoor jacket does not get sweat during a leisurely walk or a strenuous mountain trail, materials with moisture-conducting properties are used. In addition, Montura offers a wide range of jackets for women, men and children, which are suitable for special applications.

Hardshell or Softshell?

Reliable waterproof are two-, two-and-half and three-layer hardshell jackets. The Montura Iron Jacket, made of the new Gore-Tex Pro Shell, has three and a half layers. The robust material makes the rain jacket extremely hard wearing. Stretch elements for a perfect fit. In everyday wear, outdoor jackets made from softshell. This material is characterized by high wind protection. However, Softshell Montura jackets also offer moisture protection even in long-lasting rain showers. A decisive advantage over a hardshell jacket is the soft elastic quality. The Genesis Light Jacket for women is an example of the modern appearance of Softshell jackets. Wear over a blouse or a shirt, it is a fashionable sight in the city stroll in spring and autumn. Since it is very light, it can be worn under a hardshell jacket as a middle layer in the winter or on a climbing tour in changing weather.


Montura outdoor jackets for recreational athletes and professionals

The Montura online shop with the largest offer in Germany offers suitable jackets for every company in nature. Perfect for the summer are lightweight, water-repellent models such as the Free Tech Jacket for men. Thanks to its low weight and small pack size, the jacket can be stowed away in a backpack or mountain trail in the backpack and is quickly pulled out and pulled over when rain starts. If you are active in winter, you need a warm jacket with good wetness and insulation. The Montura Formula hybrid jacket protects with a Primaloft insulation layer on the front as well as on shoulders and hood against cold and wind. Freedom of movement ensures elastic fleece inserts in the forearm area. Winterjacken are also available for children in the online shop. Whether it is the Skisky Jacket Kids or the Prime Life model for kids - all winter jackets for children are warm, water repellent and breathable. Moreover, they are pleasantly light and gently soft. Children like Montura jackets because of their beautiful colors. The bright colors fulfill an important purpose. The little ones can be seen in a bright red jacket on the way to the school in the dark for other people. For hiking and mountain biking, they can be seen in a light green Formula outdoor jacket even with heavy snowmobiles.


In onionook by nature

If you break up early in the morning, you need clothing that adapts to temperatures as well as your own activity during the day. Especially in the spring and autumn, the temperatures sometimes fluctuate strongly. The insulating jacket in the morning will be loaded no later than noon. It is better to dress in the onellook. For this purpose, several thin layers of clothing are applied over one another.
- Light underwear made of synthetic fibers or wool forms the first layer. Sleeveless and semi-long sleeve sleeves by Montura consist of breathable elastic material. The body-tight cut ensures good fit and optimal moisture transport.
- The second layer is a long-sleeved shirt or a thin jacket made of warm fleece like the Montura Light Pile Fit Maglia for men. The jacket with elastic waistband and sleeve ends is extra light and takes little space in the rucksack thanks to the small pack size, when it is pulled out at rising temperatures.
- The third layer is to protect against wind, rain or snow. This function meets outdoor jackets made of soft or hardshell. Women may choose the ultramodern, wind and rainproof Montura Time Up Jacket with a perfectly fitting hood. The Montura Villach 2 jacket for men is also very suitable as a top layer. The softshell jacket from Air Bistretch offers an optimal fit and comfortable wearing comfort.
- With a Montura vest, the Zwiebellook is an ideal supplement. In the online shop we offer vests for women and men from super-light, windproof nylon fabric for trail and run activities as well as very warm vests with Primaloft filling for winter sportsmen.