Accessories from Montura help outdoor fans to dress themselves in sports and leisure time. The Montura Onlineshop offers warm caps and gloves for the Bergtour in winter, besides caps with mesh insert and sun protection on the neck for the desert safari. We provide masks that protect the face from extreme cold as well as cloths and bands for cold protection for the ears and neck. In addition to the functional purpose, Montura accessories perform decorating function. Fashionable colors and good fit are characteristic of our caps, hats, and gloves.

Caps and masks as fashion accessories for cold days

Wool or fleece hats are preferred in the cold season. Regardless of whether you are walking around the city or hiking through the snow-capped landscape, a cap has the task of keeping your head cool. In the case of children, especially the sensitive ears must be protected from drafts. If the little ones often suffer from earaches, the ears are protected with a light cap in the summer. With the purchase of a headgear of Montura, parents make sure the cap is also worn. All childrens are soft and cuddly. With the Montura Zeta Cap Kids with funny bobble, soft, warm fleece inside the front area ensures a particularly comfortable wearing feeling. Beautiful colors and patterns are obligatory. We also have fashionable winter hats for adults. Some models are suitable for helmets and therefore also suitable for motorcyclists and skiers. Men and women can wear the Montura Fit Cap, which is available in anthracite as well as red, under the helmet as cold protection. The cap does not have to hide. If the helmet is removed after the run, the wearer carrier or the wearer can be proud with a fashionable head cover. The warm-keeping accessory is available in various colors. For extremely cold days it is advisable to wear a warm mask instead of the cap.

Caps and tapes offer sun and wind protection

Headbands are made of light material, as well as warming synthetic fibers. This type of band can be used all year round, the light varieties being predominantly worn in the spring and autumn as windbreaks. Headbands are not necessarily a warm head cover; Mostly they should only hold their hair together in a strong wind and protect their ears from drafts. The upper head remains free and is protected against both cold winds and the sun. In the summer it is therefore advisable to cover the head with a cap. The Unisex Soft Cap Montura California made of light cotton jersey is the ideal garment for all outdoor activities. Strong sweating under the cap prevents mesh mesh side panels. With drawcord and stopper, the umbrella can be fitted perfectly to any head. It weighs only 45 grams. The cap is easy to fold and folds into an almost ready-packed backpack for the climbing tour. Many of our caps and ribbons are worn by men and women from fashionable aspects. They adorn themselves with the cool outdoor accessories on the hiking and mountain tour as well as with the family walk. Most of our caps have a lot to offer. They are windproof, moisture resistant and fast drying. Our wide range offers caps for everyday life and travel. If you break into very hot regions, you should pack a cap with sun protection at the neck. The Montura Sun Desert Cap is especially breathable thanks to the extremely lightweight SORONA® DuPont (TM) fabric.

Montura gloves for more fun in the snow

In the case of rain, cold and snow, outdoor athletes must also effectively protect their hands from the effects of the weather in addition to the head and neck. Gloves made of functional material ensure a warm finger. The glove Montura Ski Light Glove unisex is particularly light, but still nice warm. The Thermolite filling provides down-to-the-touch softness and warmth without sweating your fingers. With such warming accessories, ladies and gentlemen are perfectly equipped for winter sports and snowballing. The gloves can be worn during skiing or snowboarding, on the climbing tour as well as during the hiking trip. Mittens, finger gloves and fingerless gloves from our online shop are very hard wearing, windproof and breathable. Perfect fit thanks to the Velcro closure on the wrist.