Montura Long Pants

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Montura offers a wide range of long outdoor pants and some zipper pants. Long pants from the Alpine Pants series are ideal for hiking and trekking in high alpine mountain biking. There are light pants for tours between spring and autumn, such as the Hi-Trek trousers or Maniva 2 trousers or lightly insulated trousers, partly With Kevlar reinforced hose for winter tours. Reinforced pants for high alpine climbing tours in summer are the Vertigo Light and Light Pro hose. The geographical series is light, robust trousers for trips and summer walks. The trousers are partly from Wicking Tex or Bistretch Superlight, the stretch pants, the Geo Easy and the travel pants are examples from the product line. The extensive line is the free Synt series, with robust, light pants for climbing, climbing or hiking between spring and autumn. The pants include the free K light, the free Synt light and the free Synt Up pants. Pants of the Free Cotton range are the names of robust cotton and ideal for climbing and bouldering - eg chaos trousers, Nevermind pants or The fly pants. The great selection is rounded off by the long pants of the Run series, which are perfect for running and trails in the cold season. Zipped pants are the Zip Off Pants and the Stretch Zip Off 2 Pants in the Geographic series, making them ideal for summer trips and trips. For winter / snow, Montura offers a variety of insulated trousers, from straight-cut winter hiking pants (Nordpants, Ortisei trousers) to technical cut climbing / high alpine trousers (Vertigo 2 & Vertigo 3) to ski / snowboard pants ). For Nordic skis the skyline pants or the X-training jacket is recommended.