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Climbing and bouldering with Montura

Bouldering is probably THE trendy sport of the last few years. Bouldering halls are springing up like mushrooms everywhere and the associated communities seem to be growing ceaselessly. There is a good reason for this, after all, for many bouldering is a much more fun alternative to the monotonous weight training in the gym. Of course, you won't become a bodybuilder just by bouldering - but bouldering trains many important muscles that are often neglected in everyday life.
Even if you are new to bouldering or climbing, Montura has the right equipment for you. Above all, flexibility is important when it comes to bouldering and climbing clothing. You don't want to be held back on the way to your next success just because your trousers are too tight in the crotch and you're missing a few millimetres to reach the next rescue step. That's why many of our climbing and bouldering products are made from materials such as our stretch nylon with DWR finish, which remain extremely weatherproof and robust while still being highly flexible.
Check out our Climbing - Bouldering category and find out what a difference the right clothing can make. Climb higher, faster and further with high-quality equipment from Montura.