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Montura Tribute Jacket Women
(Almost) no matter where you go - with the Montura Tribute Jacket you are perfectly equipped. This three-layer hardshell jacket made of GORE-TEX nylon fabric is not only extremely robust, absolutely waterproof and breathable, but also lightweight (only about 330 grams) and comfortable. Its many pockets and zips offer the wearer flexibility and adaptability to their own needs. Ideal for longer adventures.
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The mountain is calling. Again. In order for you to be able to overcome your own firmly believed limits on your next ascent, everything has to fit. In addition to meticulous planning and preparation, hard training, the ideal team and nutritious food, the right clothing is of crucial importance on the mountain.
At Montura you will find everything you need for alpine mountaineering. Jackets that keep you dry and warm through constantly changing, stormy and rainy weather, trousers that offer the necessary flexibility and still protect you from the adverse weather conditions, shoes that carry you safely and slip-proof to your destination as well as many other important pieces of equipment and accessories are on offer. All of our products are based on the latest technology, the highest quality materials and the greatest passion from design to distribution.
Take a look, click through and soon you'll be off to conquer the next, higher and more difficult mountain. The mountains are unpredictable, so we have clothing for every weather in our range. At Montura you'll find thick insulation jackets for climbs above the snow line as well as thinner fleece or soft shell jackets that reliably protect you from wind and rain. You will also find everything from professional alpine boots to stylish boots for casual mountain tours.