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Montura Tribute Jacket Women
(Almost) no matter where you go - with the Montura Tribute Jacket you are perfectly equipped. This three-layer hardshell jacket made of GORE-TEX nylon fabric is not only extremely robust, absolutely waterproof and breathable, but also lightweight (only about 330 grams) and comfortable. Its many pockets and zips offer the wearer flexibility and adaptability to their own needs. Ideal for longer adventures.
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Apart from trekking, are there other ways to push your limits and unwind in beautiful surroundings at the same time? We can't think of any, at least not off the top of our heads.
To fully enjoy trekking, you need high-quality equipment. Flexible, weatherproof clothing is a must, especially when trekking in the mountains. After all, you should be optimally prepared for sudden changes in the weather or surprisingly demanding climbing passages. If you're not, you could be forced to turn back sooner than you'd like.
At Montura you will find everything you need for a successful hiking trip, from trekking trousers to trekking shoes and trekking jackets. From production to distribution, they always pay attention to the smallest detail. Montura only uses the most modern and functional materials to keep you dry and warm during your activities and to protect you from harmful UV radiation. Materials such as four-way stretch nylon with DWR treatment and our double weave stretch nylon with DWR finish are used regularly and provide our customers with good, reliable service every time.
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