Vest for Men

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Functional men's waistcoats for the outdoors

Every nature lover and outdoor fan knows this problem, not really warm and not cold either. Man finds a jacket superfluous, but only a shirt is not enough either. There can only be one sensible alternative here, a waistcoat for men from the Montura Shop. Breathable, light and hard-wearing, ideal for any activity in the open air. Whether for a mountain tour, a running tour or a hiking event, the special waistcoats for men from Montura are equipped for all demands.

The Montura Outdoor Vest - made for the transitional seasons

There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing. Innovative approaches and modern production techniques make every Montura waistcoat a reliable companion. Depending on the weather conditions and season, the sleeveless jacket is the perfect solution. Water-repellent and heat-retaining for autumnal excursions when it can get stormy. Or particularly light and with a very small pack size for the backpack, preferably in summer or spring. An important part of the well-known onion look.

Different waistcoats for every need - Montura sets the standard in diversity

If you are into running and exercise sports, you need lightweight clothing. In the models for men, the back sections in particular are especially air-permeable. Ultra-light weather and wind protection. Hikers are best equipped for a mountain tour with a lined down waistcoat. Ideally, this should also be equipped with a hood. Here it is the windproof waistcoats made of four-way stretch softshell with DWR treatment that are used by hobbyists and professionals alike. Of course, the visually sophisticated waistcoats can also be used for private activities. Even if it's just a shopping trip or a walk through the streets of the metropolises. A Montura waistcoat for men is designed for every demand and convinces on all levels.