Montura has Vest of the various product lines on offer. For very cold days, you'll find thick, but light, artificial suns that keep the body warm but allow breathing through the arms. As an example, the Genesis Vest or the Primaloft Vest Skisky Vest, which still has a warming, weather-resistant hood. Montura also offers wind- and water-repellent softshell vests that are ideal for running, nordic sports or mountain biking. Examples are the Mira Vest or the Forward Vest. As a warming intermediate layer, Montura offers fleece vests that are ideal mid-players. The Soft Pile Vest is an example. In addition, you will find special RunningWests, which is especially an ultimate wind and weather protection. These vests are especially suitable for fast, sweaty sports and often have a strong air permeable forearm and back area.