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Montura Merino Neck Color Maglia Men
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When it comes to outdoor sports, it is important that a shirt is breathable, quick drying and low odor. UV protection also plays an important role, especially in the summer. The offered Montura outdoor shirts and tank tops have the most important positive features and are therefore ideal for outdoor exercise. The material of the shirts is not only fast drying, but also leads to the absorbency of perspiration. In general the welding is inhibited as the material of the Montura outdoor shirts is breathable and thus provides for an exchange of the air. In an odorless Montura shirt, the cycling, hiking and running, but also extreme sports with a high welding output are much more fun.


Montura Clothing in this category includes thin, long-sleeved shirt with short or without zipper .. You can find these shirts with synthetic fibers, merino wool or cotton. Longsleeves made of artificial fibers are very light, robust, elastic and very fast drying. They are perfect for sweat sports such as running, trail, and mountain biking. Due to their robustness they are the ideal outer layer on not too warm days. Montura usually uses polyamide, polyester or combinations of both. Examples are the Outdoor World Maglia ........ For running, Montura offers a long-sleeved sneaker, which is air-permeable in the back and forearm area and is often weaved with silver fibers. The antibacterial silver fibers prevent smell formation. Moreover, Montura uses the very smooth and soft Sensitive Matrieal in the Kunstfasershirts, which promises a perfect wearing comfort. Another material used is Merino wool