Montura Bike



Montura bike bike wear meets all requirements for comfort and safety. Amateurs and professionals alike feel comfortable in Montura Bike Wear - the most important prerequisite for good performance. The jerseys consist of wind and water repellent materials. Body-tight cuts ensure that the shells do not squeal in the traveling vehicle. Radler pants with anatomically shaped seat cushions offer protection on the body part of a cyclist, which is probably the most stressed part of the body besides the legs. And if you do not just go on longer bike rides when you're sunbathing, you need bike clothing that can be adapted to the weather.

Functional cycling clothing for men and women

For short cycle trips with the family and for the weekly spurt to the supermarket, comfortable everyday clothes are enough. However, the purchase of a special cycling jacket is also a good thing for occasional cyclists. The lightweight Montura Cobalto Jacket for women offers among other things a lengthened back with anti-slip silicone against slipping the jacket. Reflective elements ensure maximum visibility in bad weather and in the dark. Like the men's weather jackets, the ladies' jacket with many pockets offers ample storage space for energy seals and drinking bottles. Women and men who sit on the bike every day need special bike clothing. No matter whether they cycle to keep fit in the fresh air or train for competitions, ambitious cyclists in Montura Bike Wear protect themselves from wind, rain and sun.

Bike pants in many designs

Montura Bike Wear offers cycling pants in different lengths and widths. Tight-fitting shorts and bermudas with silicone edge on the leg and elastic waistband for an optimal fit. Flat seams and excellent seat cushions add extra comfort. Even more comfortable are cycling pants with straps. So the Montura Quarzo Braces Ciclista does not bother a troubled pantsbund. The straps prevent the pants from slipping on the road while the bike is leaning forward. Mesh inserts at the back ensure pleasant ventilation. Ideal for mountain biking tours is the Montura Bike Bermuda Shorts Basalto. The trousers made of resistant material have a fastening system for Montura Flisch-Shorts, Breccia-Shorts and the Dacite Ciclista-Shorts. Your waistband can be easily adjusted by means of a velcro fastener during the tour. Cut the bike Bermuda like a modern leisure trousers. Thus it can be combined with a shirt, blouse or shirt to a casual everyday outfit.

Professional bike clothing for ambitious cyclists

High quality equipment from Montura Bike protects the body from cooling as well as from excessive warming. Straight-cut cuts for comfort and cool designs increase self-confidence. In addition to bike jackets, breathable shirts and cycling pants are the basic basic equipment. Arm warmers and leg warmers are practical accessories. The sleeves and leg warmers allow cyclists to react flexibly to fluctuating temperatures during the day. The accessories for road and mountain bikers are perfectly matched to Montura Bike shirts. Equipped with non-slip rubberised silicone at the upper hem, arm warmers and leggings fit perfectly and do not hinder the cyclist in his freedom of movement. Indispensable for all-weather cyclists are surprises. They are made of water repellent fabric and protect shoes as well as feet from moisture and dirt.