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Montura Fleecesweater are the perfect mid-layer under a weather protection layer. In contrast to the fleecejackets, they have either no or only a half-blown zipper. Montura offers thin, extremely stretchy stretch-light sweaters, e.g. Fast Light Anorak, or Fast Light Logo Maglia or more powerful thermal bi-stretch pullover, like the Under 10 or Under 3 Anorak. Polartec Power Grid Sweaters complete the range of thicker Montura sweaters. For the really cold days, Montura Polartec offers Power Stretch Pro sweaters, these 0are thicker, more stretchy and very warm. Examples are Iceland Anorak and Northland Anorak.
At Montura only the best wool is used. The offer ranges from sweater made of strong cotton or high-quality sheep wool. Which, thanks to your antibacterial properties, ensures that the clothing does not smell even with strong sweating. The poorer drying times of the woolen clothing are compensated by the fact that wool also warms in a slightly moist condition. The natural fibers provide a comfortable wearing feeling. Montura also combines natural wool with artificial fibers, so that the postive properties of both materials are combined.