Montura - Innovative outdoor clothing & shoes from Northern Italy

Montura "Searching a new way" - Always searching for new ways. Montura is more than clothing, Montura is unique!
Montura was founded in 1999 in Rovereto(Trento) by Robert Giordani. Since 2010, the main site is located in Zané, a small town near Vicenz, in an area known as El Dorado for climbing, mountain biking, canyoning, trail running, hiking, mountaineering and ski touring. It is thanks to the proximity to outdoor activities and a sports-loving team that rapid functional product development, responding to demand, was set in motion.

With the production of high-quality clothing and equipment for outdoor and mountain activities, the northern Italian brand Montura makes it to the top of the industry. Montura stands for: ergonomically sophisticated clothing that combines the best possible protection with optimal freedom of movement; for wearing comfort, which also means climate comfort during sporting activity; for weather protection and abrasion resistance and maximum possible breathability; for independent and unobtrusive product aesthetics; for fashionable and timeless design.

Montura products are equipped with very good vapour permeability thanks to the use of windproof and waterproof insulating materials or a combination of these properties (almost always). The use of specially developed textile qualities adds properties such as stretchability, thermal insulation, tear resistance and lightness. Sporting performance, protection or robustness are at the top of the requirements scale. In close cooperation with top athletes, mountaineers and rescue teams, new products are created, new materials are selected and tested - innovation and breaking new ground - that's what Montura stands for. Clothing and footwear of the highest quality for the outdoors! Adam Ondra, Hans Kammerlander or Maurizio "Manolo" Zanolla are active partners of Montura from top and extreme sports, to name just a few.

Montura is constantly on the lookout, sets trends and surprises:
Urban style products - functional product aesthetics for on the go - sophisticated design - for running and yoga - workframe products - for mountain rescue, mountain guides, forestry workers etc.

Do you want to be well equipped outdoors - well wrapped, functional and stylishly dressed? Then try out the new gear collection right away!

Development and production in Europe
Almost the entire product range is manufactured in our own production facility in Moldova, which guarantees fair wages and good working conditions. Development, material tests, purchasing and production of prototypes take place at Montura's headquarters in Italy, where all decisions are made by the same person. A very important aspect is the selection of suppliers. Montura attaches great importance to sustainable production!

The Montura Store by Berggefaehrten GmbH is the only German Montura Store with the largest range and has been located in the heart of Leipzig since 2008.